Why we can't drink alcohol in navratri? Is it bad?

Why does everyone says not to eat non veg or drink alcohol in navratri?

According to beliefs, alcohol in control is acceptable and tolerated.
Personally, I occasionally have a strong whiskey drink. Many people won’t approve me of this since I am a Hindu female. But, it is very important to keep in mind the responsibility that comes with consuming alcohol. And I am not even joking when I say this.

And, keep in mind that drinking and then driving is never a good idea no matter your individual capacity of alcohol intake.
You should have a designated driver who doesn’t drink or simply use a service like Uber. Additionally, make sure to share your car and driver details along with your live location to a trusted family member or friend. So they can reach out to you if there is some mishappening.

Avoid embarrassing yourself in public by drinking alcohol in moderation and not being the cool guy who can take any amount of alcohol. Be very mindful of your surroundings and stay hydrated.

Furthermore, do not drink to impress others or show off your abilities. It is not impressive and may result in becoming the subject of jokes. Or if you want to become the joke.

These simple rules apply to everyone, regardless of gender. Use your common sense and make responsible choices.

In colder regions, alcohol may provide warmth.
However, in a tropical country with moderate temperatures like India, it is not needed.
Consuming alcohol in India can result in quick intoxication and it can detach you from your ‘Atman’.
This uncontrollable state can lead one to indulge in making sins, which can make you go against Hinduism principles.
The main aim of these principles is to help you achieve your own understanding of the physical body and senses and alcohol can deviate you from this.

Drinking alcohol in navratri is bad. And there are both religious and practical clarifications behind this.

According to religious beliefs, it’s the story that demons polluted the alcohol with meat . And meat is considered unsuitable in our Hindu philosophy, and due to this anything that came in any contact with meat, including alcohol, was avoided.
Personally, I am not very sure of this story as I have different beliefs. I feel that we should refrain only from the alcohol directly in contact by meat. However, what about alcohol which hasn’t even been made yet? Still people avoid alcohol during navratri.
On the other hand, when you talk scientifically or practically, alcohol and other foods like onions and garlic come in the category of Tamasic foods. People believe that they are the unhealthiest foods since they produce a crucial quantity of heat in the body.

This heat can result in concentration loss, and can hamper your focus, or trigger anxiety. Due to this reason, doing prayers or performing rituals after eating Tamasic foods is considered futile as concentration and focus are needed for praying with devotion.

As a result, it is recommended to avoid Tamasic foods, including alcohol. This is due to the fact that prayer and focus is essential during major religious events.

You have the freedom to consume alcohol at any time, whether it be during Navratri or Diwali. It is entirely up to you to decide what kind of experience you desire. Even ordinary individuals may seek intoxication through activities like Pooja and Dandiya. Meanwhile, some may find themselves enchanted by beverages like Black Dog and Martinis, akin to legends. In either scenario, the decision is yours to make, as it is not always a matter of when, but rather what.
Though, it’s always good not to have alcohol or non vegetarian food during the auspicious day. Doesn’t hurt.