Why is rakshasa gann bad?

What exactly is rakshasa gann? Are they very bad by nature?

A person’s gana reveals their basic temperament which guides a person’s life. A gana can help you identify and get used to the general traits depicted by the people of that gana.
Ganas is categorized into three types:

  • Dev Gana,
  • Manushya Gana and
  • Rakshas Gana.
    People with dev gana are respected like Lords and they behave nicely with people. They will follow all their traditions and respect the cultural rules of the society.
    Manushya gana people are also respected, but they not follow all the rules necessarily. These are creative people and are good in dhanurvidya.
    Rakshahsa gana people are the ones who enjoy lots of benefits. They enjoy great advantages when you compare it to the people of other two ganas. They have a powerful 6th sense and can detect negative energies from far.

“Rakshasa gana” term is used in Hindu astrology to categorize lunar mansions (nakshatras) on the basis of their characteristics.
The term basically means “demon group”. Though the word demon sounds very negative but these people aren’t bad.

What is Rakshasa Gana?
It’s one of three groups (ganas) used to classify nakshatras, the other two being Deva Gana (divine) and Manushya Gana (human).
Rakshasa Gana Nakshatras to depict characteristics like assertiveness, independent, and sometimes self-serving aspects of human nature.
This doesn’t really mean negativity, but other powerful traits like strong will, leadership potential, and decisive action.
Possible Characteristics of Rakshasa Gana:
Positive: Strong-willed, independent, decisive, courageous, good leaders, intuitive.
Negative (if unbalanced): Stubborn, egotistical, self-centered, insensitive, argumentative.

In the starting of this life, there was just sura people meaning harmony. Where Asura is A+“sura”, which means disharmony.
So anything, which doesn’t happen according to the hindu dharma and karma(human responsibility) is asura energy, evil energy.
A human is both asur and deva. It’s on the human and devash he/she has to suppress the traits of asura. It depends on what you want to be.
You are that.

Rakshasa means a person who has immense capabilities and potential, and it’s not bad at all.
If you have seen the TV series Chanakya, you would have heard about the rakshas name Amatya Rakshas. Amatya Rakshas means mighty minister.
Many people believe that Rakshasa refers to Sons and daughters of Diti. No, we are just human beings and we are not even the actual Gods and Devils. Let’s just say for instance that we are some god or devil, we live in a different world today.
Our past generations have tried to help us through astrology, but the thing is we fail to understand them.