Why do some people behave weirdly and go mad during events like Purnima and Amavasya?

Is there any influence of Purnima and Amavasya on human emotions? Why do some people start behaving weird during that time?

Well, I myself have come up with this explanation. I believe this happens because moon controls your both your emotions & mental state.
And for those birth charts, in which moon has greater influence over the native’s actions like cancer can get affected due to the lunar cycles.

It is believed that moon has a greater influence on human’s hormones and earth’s different liquids at times of full moon or when there is no moon.
These cycles affect the tides as well. Tides are more active during these days in the form of high tides.
It is also said that moon also impacts the mind and women’s monthly menstrual cycle.
Along with these things, people who are depressed or suffering from anxiety or other mental issues have high tendency to experience and depict these weird behaviours during the full moon or the no moon days.

Every human has almost the same quantity of liquid water in the body as earth, 71%.
The notion is that gravitational pull towards moon is the greatest on earth during the full moon nights, and this is also the reason behind high tides in ocean.
This same concept applies to our human body as well which leads to huge oscillations and change in the emotions of human behaviour in these nights.
This condition can lead to psychic changes and transformations as asked in the question above.

I experienced an horrible happening on the day of Amavasya. And one reason is that I was on my periods and I was facing difficulty while trying to sleep in the night.
During the sleep, I could feel that there is something devilish around. I had a same evil dream three times in the night in which a demon was taking my soul out of my body. I have never had such a bad dream in my life.
That was the same night when my mom warned me that I should not go out but I didn’t obey her. And mind it, this is not even a joke. Just ask someone who has moon and ketu together or moon and rahu together in their kundli. I have this combination and I happen to suffer from such demonic experiences occassionally.
The bad thing is that nobody will believe you and you will just get habitual to such happenings. I have been there and I can tell that spirits and ghosts are real. Moon with ketu and rahu placements can surely mess up any sane human’s head.
Supernatural is very real no matter science believes in it or not. If science had a logic in everything then why it couldn’t figure out the life after death? I hope this makes sense.