What happens when I have 7th lord in 4th house?

What is the significance and common events when you have 7th lord in 4th house?

If you have 7th lord in 4th house, then your spouse would be like a mother to you. She will make your life comfortable, will fit greatly into your culture and will be there standing with you in times when you need support.

In vedic astrology, 7th lord in 4th house can mean a lot of things. 7th house represents marriage, partnerships, where as the 4th house signifies family, roots of the person, culture and home. It means that native’s relationships, friendships, marriage affect their life’s security, emotional well-being a great deal.

You may be working from home, or business related to home. Your spouse will be an independent thinker to have her own beliefs and values. She won’t be in very much control of you.

It’s highly likely for the native of 7th lord in 4th house to focus more on home and domestic affairs in the relationship. They want a partner who can share their views of marriage to maintain harmony at home.

The lord of the seventh house in the fourth house signifies that there is high chance the native will be getting their happiness from spouse. The native’s wife may be a working woman. You will be able to enjoy spouse’s wealth.