What astrological placements/planets etc, affects intelligence?

Many of the Asrologers have pointed out to my parents that according to the placements of planets in my birth chart i am going to be very intelligent but my grades in school begs to differ from that will i really be intelligent as they have told or not, i am really confused?

Hello guys ,
As they said intelligence is not measured in one planet.
Mercury - he is a constant learner , he always obsessed to learn / know something . If someone unlocks new knowledge very well just know their mercury is well placed.Jupiter - he is teacher. He should know what he is gonna teach and more than that. If someone has raw knowledge about something like if they learn one thing they’d learn fully. Just know their Jupiter is well placed.These are the top 2 main planets you have to see.
You can give preference to mars and Venus
Mars - engineering , Venus - arts, love entertainment . These are the planets just modify their domain of knowledge.

I think everyone has intelligence, but depending on your aspects and dom planets, it’ll show how you most utilize your intelligence
Chained Reply- This! This reminds me of the theory of Multiple Intelligence and how each individual has their own unique sets of intelligence. Maybe someone’s placements can correlate with a certain intelligence i.e. heavy 7th House placements could mean a high score in interpersonal intelligence; significant earth placements makes them a naturalist etc.

I had a friend named Aanya, and her astrological story was pretty interesting. Because she was strongly influenced by Jupiter, she grew up really curious and loving to learn. When she was young, she was really good at school and stood out because she was so smart.
As Aanya got older, she kept loving to learn new things. Jupiter’s influence became even clearer as she easily understood difficult ideas and saw life from a wide perspective.
Aanya didn’t just learn for herself; she became known for being smart in both school and work. Her talent was in understanding details and seeing the big picture.
In our time together, Aanya became like a mentor, sharing her smarts with others. Because of Jupiter’s positive influence, her intelligence helped not only herself but also the people around her.
Through Aanya’s story, I saw how the planets, especially Jupiter, can make someone really smart and able to help others by sharing what they know.

I think intelligence can not only be calculated by your grades or not certainly mean that you will be successful in life but everyone is intelligent in there own way you just have to find the right way and if you wanna be successful in life you will have to monetize your way of intelligence to become successful , this brings me to a story of my friend who was just not able to fit into any line of career no matter how many tries he gave and hard work he put into it but suddenly who came across a random astrologer who gave him advice to start a business of mentoring others rather than working his job and you would be shocked to know that within a year he skyrocketed his career and never have to worry about money in all his life.