Is it bad to have 2nd lord in 11th house

Is it bad to have 2nd lord in 11th house? Many people say that natives get sick and face issues?

If there are no malefic planets or aspects involved to cancel it out, the placement of the second lord in the 11th house indicates that it is a Dhana or Wealth yoga. Although your money will increase gradually owing to the participation of the Upachaya house, it will nonetheless expand. You may even be brazen or use this kind of strategy when it comes to producing money.
MNCs, large organisations, or businesses may be the source of your riches. You could be an adept at generating riches or profits. Elderly people may help you to obtain financial advantages or rewards. You could make money from more than one source.

If unaffected and aspected/conjugated with the right benefic planets, the 2nd lord in 11th house brings great riches and success to the native. He will become quite wealthy and have a large family. He’s getting married young. He should anticipate eating and enjoying a lot of sweet foods.