Is 7th lord in 1st house bad?

One of my friends have his 7th lord in 1st house. What does it mean?

The person with this combination can be too proud of themselves. They can very well want to show themselves off to attract a social image. The 7th house lord is markesh and presence of another house lord can significantly influence the life span of the person.

To have a successful married life, you can check the strengths of your 7th lord and 1st lord. if the 1st lord is stronger than 7th, it’s high chances you will be leading the relationship. If your 7th lord is stronger, you probably should completely surrender yourself to the spouse even if you are more knowledgeable.

7th house belongs to the spouse. Presence of 7th house lord in the 1st house can signify material gains due to marriage for the native.

7th lord in 1st house gives you a spuse with similar interests and mutual understanding. It’s common to have personality characteristics in common. You might not need to search for a spouse, since it’s said that when you have 7th lord in 1st house, your spouse comes searching for you. Don’t force anything. Go with the flow.