I have 7th lord in 9th house. I want to know about my spouse

I have 7th lord in 9th house. I want to know what would be the nature of my spouse? When and where will I meet them

Generally, when you have 7th lord in 9th house, this can mean that your spouse would be from a different cultural background than yours, she would be well educated, and well travelled. You might end up meeting your spouse in college, on a trip or some other place away from where you live. 7th house lord in 9th house needs active communication from both the ends.

7th lord placed in 9th house indicates good progress, long journeys/tirth yatra, and father. This is a good placement and can mean that your luck will work out greatly after marriage.

It’s general interpretation is that your spouse will like travelling to far away places. This placement generally means love marriage, or you could meet them on a dating site. This can also mean that your profession or business can be related to traveling, education, or something related to religion and philosophies.

The native will enjoy the company of many males/females. However, he/she will have a supportive partner. This also leads to having the partner who is spiritual, very well educated and a happy marriage life.

This placement of 7th lord in 9th house is very auspicious since 9th house is the house of dharma, father, guru, teacher, punya, etc. On the other hand 7th house is your spouse / life partner. This can greatly mean presence of love in heart. The native will be an ideal man/woman. And good placements can mean marriage filled with divine love