📃 How to start sharing your ideas on this community!

:memo: Creating a Post on Our Discourse Community

Here’s an easy guide on how to share your thoughts using our simple forum:

Navigate to the Homepage
Log in and go to our homepage. There, you’ll discover various categories covering different astrology topics.

Choose the Right Category
Pick the category that fits your post. Think of categories like folders that help keep discussions neat and easy to find.

Click ‘+ New Topic’
Spot the ‘+ New Topic’ button, usually at the top or bottom of the category page. Give it a click to begin crafting your post.

Compose Your Post
A new window will pop up. Use the formatting options to style your text, add links, and include images to make your content interesting.

Add a Descriptive Title
Create a title that quickly tells others what your post is about. It makes it easier for everyone to understand.

Body of the Post
In the main text area, share your thoughts or start a discussion. Feel free to use formatting for emphasis.

Category-Specific Guidelines
If the category has specific rules, make sure to follow them. It helps keep the community in harmony.

Publish Your Post
When everything looks good, hit ‘Create Topic’ or ‘Publish’ to share your post with the community.

Remember, Astro Connect is more than a forum; it’s a friendly space for exploring and connecting. Join in, engage, and enjoy the diverse discussions within our astrology-loving community! :milky_way::speech_balloon: