How to convince Parents not to look at Kundli for arranged marriage because I think it would be a great match?

Pretty much the question. Me and parents have started looking for a suitable match a few months ago. They are currently “rejecting” 9 out of 10 people I shortlist on online portals due to Kundali reasons. Any suggestion on how I can convince them to relax this criteria?


  1. I do not believe in any kundli/astrology.
  2. I can always go against their will but do not want to hurt their feelings as much as possible.

In vedic astrology, there is always a way around or a remedy to a dosha or if aspects don’t match in the birth chart.
Fasting, prayers, donation, wearing a gemstone, visiting a holy place etc can be significant solutions. This is to satisfy your parent’s matchmaking philosophy.
In reality, astrology isn’t a science, and every remedy or a upaye is just a guess that it can cure or correct the negative aspects of your birthchart. If it works, great, if not, our belief goes.
You need to keep one thing in mind that people love and marry all over the world, but not everyone matches their horoscope.
Trust yourself, love each other and stay strong.
God bless.

I kind of had the similar situation 4 months ago. My ex’s father decided to match kundli through their own trusted astrology and I just can’t forget that day.
My family didn’t wanted to match the kundli because we were hoping for a love marriage, but her side matched and they found out that there is some nadi dosham in our kundli and one of us will die if we marry.
First, we had to fight with the caste differences, since we are from upper caste so my parents were reluctant at first, but later they agreed.
But even after multiple requests and considerations, her parents didn’t agree for the marriage and we had to break our 4 year long relationship.
Then again, their astrologer said that she only has 3 months for getting married, and her parents got her married immediately to someone else.
Make sure you and your partner are strong enough to fight these things.

There is still a chance if you haven’t shown her parents your kundli. Just change your time of birth to find the most suitable kundli according to your partner’s kundli.
Once you find the right kundli, you are all good to marry your girl
Whichever gives you two a good match just adopt that time of birth. And viola !!! You are all set to marry .

This story I’m writing is of a couple who were together for 8 years before getting married. Girl’s father died after 4 months of her marriage. After 8 months of marriage, they had multiple misunderstandings and quarrels. Her aunt got her horoscope matched with the boy and they realised that it’s the worst match.
After one complete year, the girl left the house, the guy asked her a lot but she didn’t budged and she never came back.
Then I asked the girl that why did her father not die when they were together for 8 years. she was quiet, she didn’t had any answer.
This story helped me convince a girl to marry a guy of her choice.
You should understand that love doesn’t come to everyone. but if it here for you, you should appreciate that and fight for it.
I work in data analytics and horoscope matching theory is a thing of the past. All astrologers sell nothing except the confirmation bias. They can’t tell anything for sure. Things happen first and then they come up with their explanations that this happened due to certain planet or placement. But they couldn’t say that before.
it’s your life. Believe in yourself and your karma. Do the right deeds and enjoy life.
Don’t fall for such theories.

I got a short story suitable to this kind of situation. Its a story from 1980’s and it’s about parents of one of my school friend. A boy & a girl were in love and wanted to marry each other so much. But the only issue was that their kundlis weren’t matching. The astrologer said something like that the boy could suffer or die if they marry each other due to apshagun or whatever.
Boy & girl didn’t believe in all the things mentioned by the astrologer. But their parents did & they refused.
In this case, the Boy & girl were strong. They made it very clear to their parents that they won’t marry anyone else, rather they would like to get themselves killed. But parents being parents, didnt agree for their marriage.
So this boy came up with an amazing solution… He arranged a meeting with parents of both the sides. He said- I know whats the exact issue. According to the kundli, I’ll die if I marry her. So, simple solution is I wont marry her. No saat phere. No court marriage.
But we will arrange a proper marriage like party function so as to show to all the relatives and friends that we are getting married. & we will stay with each other for our whole life so that nobody could question.
It was ofcourse very difficult to convince them, but he did. Now after 30+ years, they are having a happy life together with two ambitious kids, one of them is my friend.
So, thats the story, may be you can try this kind of solution and can work it out?.
All the best.