How can I know if Shani is positive in my astrological birth chart?

Recently i have been faced with various negative encounters in my life like i just missed an acident by a hair , my girlfriend and i had a very big fight , i also had to leave my company ? i think the positioning of shani is not right in my birthchart can anyone help out?

yes, the way you mentioned, the influence of the planet Saturn also known as “Shani”, is significant.
It depends on various factors, like placement, aspects, and conjunctions of the planet to state if the influence is positive or negative.
I have listed some factors which influence saturn, please take a look,
Saturn in Good Houses: If Saturn is in the 3rd, 6th, 10th, or 11th house, it’s usually a positive thing. These houses are the places where Saturn’s impact can bring growth and improvement.
Saturn in Its Own or Best Signs: If Saturn is present in their own house or friendly houses (Capricorn or Aquarius) or is at its highest strength (exalted in Libra), Saturn can impact your life positively.
Jupiter’s Help: If Saturn is hanging out with Jupiter in your birth chart just like best friends, it can make Saturn’s effects less challenging. Jupiter can balance saturn’s negativities. Jupiter will be your saviour that helps .
Saturn’s Job And Your Chart: Saturn’s behaviour and impact on your life depends on your own specific birth chart. For some, Saturn will be the helpful guide, whereas for others, it can be challenging. Saturn’s Strength Matters: If Saturn is strong and placed rightly in your birth chart, it can very well bring positive vibes. But if Saturn is a bit weak not that strong, that’s a sign to watch out for hardships.
Watch Saturn’s Time and Travels: keep checking when saturn’s dasha is prominent. That can be an early sign which can tell about coming positive or negative phases.

There are easy ways to know if someone have Saturn’s blessing. they would have never missed any train or flight, even the ones early in the morning like 4 AM, still they reach there.
They shower daily, dress well, no matter what is their financial condition. You can find them socializing with seniors and they can very well benefit from the same.
Also, they are very disciplined with their food and drinks. They know what to eat when to eat, what’s healthy for them, and are strict on themselves.
They have a grandfather wisdom since a very young age of twenties.

Saturn planet or shani is of great importance in astrology. Saturn is the epitome of discipline, responsibility, hard work, and perseverance.
Whether you will experience positive aspects of Saturn or negative, it depends on Saturn’s aspects, positions, houses and also of other planets as well.
Saturn will be positive if it’s placed in friendly signs like Libra or Taurus, like Capricorn or Aquarius.
Where as saturn’s position in enemy signs like Aries or Cancer or 8th or 12th house will have negative impact on your life.

If Saturn’s placement is in houses like 3,6,9,and 11 and in Aquarius or Libra or in Pisces or in Gemini or in Virgo, it has a positive influence on your birth chart. Thank you very much. God Bless You.