How can I know if Shani is positive in my astrological birth chart?

Recently i have been faced with various negative encounters in my life like i just missed an acident by a hair , my girlfriend and i had a very big fight , i also had to leave my company ? i think the positioning of shani is not right in my birthchart can anyone help out?

As per your question,the influence of the planet Saturn also known as “Shani”, is often considered significant. Whether Saturn is considered positive or negative in your birth chart depends on various factors, including its placement, aspects, and conjunctions.
i have listed some of those factors please take a look,
Saturn in Good Houses:If Saturn is in the 3rd, 6th, 10th, or 11th house, it’s usually seen as a positive thing. These houses are considered as places where Saturn’s influence can bring growth and improvement.Saturn in Its Own or Best Signs:If Saturn is in its own signs (Capricorn or Aquarius) or is at its highest strength (exalted in Libra), it tends to have a positive impact on your life.Jupiter’s Help:If Saturn is hanging out with Jupiter in your birth chart, it can make Saturn’s effects less challenging. Jupiter is like a good friend that helps out.Saturn’s Job Depends on Your Chart:How Saturn behaves isn’t the same for everyone. It depends on your personal birth chart. For some, Saturn is like a helpful guide, while for others, it might be a bit tricky.Saturn’s Strength Matters:If Saturn is strong and well-placed, it usually brings positive vibes. But if Saturn is a bit weak, it might signal more challenges ahead.Watch Saturn’s Time and Travels:Keep an eye on the periods when Saturn is prominent (like during Shani Dasha) and where it’s moving in the sky. This can tell you about good or challenging phases in your life.

Some very easy methods to figure out if someone has Saturn’s blessing
Has never missed his train/ flight. Including the train at 4 am in the morning in peak of winter.Showers daily and dresses like a gentleman, irrespective of the financial bracket.Socialize with seniors and benifits from such circle.Very deciplined with food and drinks. Eats healthy, fasts and drinks only to socialize.Has grandfather wisdom since 20ies.Thank you.

In astrology, Saturn or Shani is considered a planet of great significance as it represents discipline, responsibility, hard work, and perseverance. It is also associated with challenges, obstacles, and limitations. The placement of Saturn in an individual’s birth chart can have a significant impact on their life and personality. So, how can one know if Saturn is positive or negative in their birth chart?
To understand whether Saturn is positive or negative in your astrological birth chart, you need to look at its placement, aspects, and conjunctions with other planets. Saturn’s placement in the birth chart determines its influence on an individual’s life. If Saturn is placed in its own sign, Capricorn or Aquarius, or in a friendly sign like Libra or Taurus, it is considered positive. On the other hand, if Saturn is placed in an enemy sign like Aries or Cancer, or in the 8th or 12th house, it is considered negative.
Saturn’s aspects and conjunctions with other planets also play a crucial role in determining its impact on an individual’s life. If Saturn is conjunct with benefic planets like Jupiter, Venus, or Mercury, it can have a positive influence. However, if it is conjunct with malefic planets like Mars, Sun, or Rahu, it can have a negative impact.
Another factor to consider is the strength of Saturn in the birth chart. A strong Saturn can have a positive impact and help an individual achieve success and stability in life. Weak Saturn, on the other hand, can cause delays, obstacles, and challenges.
It is important to note that Saturn’s influence is not always negative. It can also bring discipline, focus, and determination to an individual’s life, helping them achieve their goals. The key is to understand its impact and work towards balancing its influence.
In conclusion, to determine whether Saturn is positive or negative in your astrological birth chart, you need to look at its placement, aspects, conjunctions, and strength. If Saturn is well-placed, strong, and well-aspected, it can have a positive impact on your life. However, if it is poorly placed, weak, and badly-aspected, it can bring challenges and obstacles. The key is to work towards balancing its influence and harnessing its positive qualities.

If Saturn is in 3,6,9,and 11 and in Aquarius or Libra or in Pisces or in Gemini or in Virgo, it is positive.Thanks.