Having 7th lord in 6th house means life filled with enemies?

One of my friends have his 7th lord in 6th house. Does this mean his life will be filled with enemies?

Having seventh house lord in sixth house can mean that you and your spouse can be in the same career. Can be from foreign culture or region since seventh house is sitting 12 places away from its place. The spouse can help you deal with money and health matters but they can also have adverse effects as well

When the seventh lord, the lord which represents marriages and partnerships, which is in 6th house represents legalities, enemies, etc. This means that relationships are based on health, career, and practical considerations.

It’s common conception that having 7th lord in 6th house causes divorce. But this is not final or written on stone. This can mean separation from spouse due to employment. This separation can be permanent or temporary. Also, it’s important to understand that a single planet alone can not cause much trouble if all other are good. This can have effect but full birth chart needs to be analysed to say anything.

These placements are often observed in people in legal/medical field. It also shows that married life will go into disputes/diagreements, and can lead to divorce.

Sixth house is first of Dusthasthana Houses and second of upachaya houses. They signify stuff like diseases, debts, disputes, enemies, etc. Planets in these houses show better results in ages from 30 to 36. 7th lord in 6th house means the 7th lord is 12 places away making the native very greedy, cunning or selfish