Having 7th lord in 5th house causes love marriage?

I just read somewhere that having 7th lord in the 5th house can lead to love marriage. Is that true?

If your 7th house lord is present in 5th house, This means that spouse would be passionate, childlike, would be involved with children, and creativity will come from within. This combination possibly gives you a love marriage since it is forming the raj yog.

Having this alignment generally means that you look for a spouse who has a high intellect. This also makes a person more inclined to have a love marriage. Whenever 5th, 7th, 9th house lords are sitting in each other’s places, it almost makes chances of arrange marriage to zero. Since these three will be exchanging energies of romance. But the marriage will work or not depends on dashas, transits, and respecitve kundlis of both the spouses.

Presence of 7th lord in 5th house isn’t considered very auspicious. It might lead to problems in marital life. It can also lead to multiple marriages.

7th house is kendra house and 5th is trikona house. Many people will say high chances of love marriage due to the presence of 7th lord in 5th house. But a marriage is only possible when they are making the parivartan yog (7th lord in 5th house, 5th lord in 7th house.)

The 7th house is the marriage house, while the 5th house is of love. This can cause a love marriage as 5th house is the mentality while 7th is the sex angle. If there is a negative planet present in 7th house, the native can have multiple affairs.