Does 7th lord in 7th house means great marriage?

I was reading across astrology textbooks and read that 7th house is the house of spouse, marriage, relationships, desires. Does that mean, the person who has 7th lord in 7th house will have a great marriage?

This is very auspicious. Your spouse will have an impact on your personality and your life will change after marriage. There’s a high chance you will attract name, fame and good wealth after your marriage. Strong 7th lord in its own house will bring auspicious gifts and positive energy in your life.

7th lord in 7th house. What a combination. The lord of sex and marriage in its own house. If placed well and is not malefic, women will be attracted to the native. The native will have very magnetic personality. If weak, native may be lonely and devoid of relations/friends.

7th lord in 7th house means that there is marriage soon in your cards. You are also susceptile to great sexual pleasures (wink) from your spouse since it’s the 7th house that rules these aspects. Your comunication, understanding and inter-personal relationship with your spouse will be good.

Having 7th house lord in 7th house means your spouse would be trustworthy, you can depend on them, and your married life would be stable. There’s a high chance your spouse will be diplomatic, balanced in their life and good with dealing people.

You should know one thing, any planet sitting in their own house is actually the strongest. Why is that? Everyone feels best and safest at their home. This means that you will get a reliable spouse and you will have a great married life. Loyal and dependable spouse is on the charts