Do I have a celebrity yoga in my birth chart? Can I become wealthy?

Can I become a celebrity? What are the alignments that should be there in the birth chart for a celebrity?

In astrology, Kundli refers to a birth chart or horoscope. This horoscope represents the alignments of planets at the time of your birth.
“Yogas” in Kundli refers to specific combinations or configurations of planets. These combinations can lead to a number of effects in a person’s life.
There are numerous yogas written in Vedic astrology, and every yoga has its own specific outcomes and significance.
Some yogas are considered positive, while others can signify difficulties or obstacles. The number of yogas present in your birth chart can vary on the basis of your specific planetary alignments and associations.
One thing you should keep in mind is that the inferences and meaning of yogas can be different among astrologers and different schools of astrology.
Some yogas are considered more important and powerful, whereas others might not be that impactful. The overall analysis of your birthchart involves taking into account multiple points beyond yogas, such as position of planets, planetary aspects, houses in your birthchart, and planetary periods.
To accurately come up with the yogas present in a Kundli, it is advised to talk with an experienced and knowledgeable astrologer who can do in depth analysis of your birthchart.
They will be able to come up with right remedies and suggestions according to your specific birth chart and can guide you for better.

Dhan yoga or Lakshmi yoga is an important aspect in your kundli. These yogas can help predict the wealth accumulation aspects of the native.
A person can attain riches under the influence of some special yoga or planetary combination present in their birth chart. The second house of your kundli has influence over the wealth aspects.
One can get immense wealth and income if positive planets are present in the second house.
People with 3rd lord in their Lagna can very well use their intelligence and wisdom to their benefit.
People with 3rd lord in 10th house can do unthinkable deeds and can leave behind a legacy for the world when the lord exerts its influence.
3rd lord in the 12th house is assumed to be very good for astrologers. This is due to reason that their worship and Japa, Sadhana etc will help them get intuition and farsightedness easily.

For specific interpretations and personalized guidance. You should look for an experienced astrologer near your home.
And yes, anyone can become famous and wealthy. You should not forget that Amitabh Bachchan has kaal sarp dosh in his birthchart, but still you can checkout for yourself the fame and the wealth he has gained.

Certain charts are very obvious. Like, things are visible from afar and you can spot the combinations and their interpretations easily.
You just can’t ignore it - like a bindi in the forehead - that visible.
And some charts are not that easy to decipher.
This depends on the time spent on your birth chart. And also on the quality and experience of the Astrologer who is checking the chart.

What are the components in your chart?

Yogas in the chart - there are a number of yogas that are common among famous celebrities.
They are Gaja Kesari Yoga, Neechabhanga Raja Yoga, Guru Mangala Yoga, Dharma Karma Adhipati Raja Yoga, Vipareeta Raja Yoga, Adhi Yoga, Parijata Yoga , Chandra Mangala Yoga, Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga.

The strength of your chart directly depends on the exaltation, Neechabhanga, the number of planets in their own house, and Vargottama.

Again, even if you have the yoga, the dasha of those yoga giving planets should be active to give you the fruitful results.

You should have a strong Lagna, lagna lord, moon and sun in your chart.
Strong vara planet of the chart can lead to being wealthy and famous.

Amsa charts of planets and their karakas should show significant strength for better wealth.