Can we predict that one can get a beautiful looking wife through astrology?

Hey I’m entering the arrange marriage scene. Have been unlucky in relationships part. Any way I can find the appearance of my future wife through my birth chart

Hello Truth seeker ,
Marriage is actually the most important aspect of life. It is said that if one begets a good spouse , life becomes a smooth ride and a depression if the case is not so favourable.

Everyone wants a good looking , kind and intelligent partner with whom you can share the moments of happiness and sadness both; and can cherish endless moments of joy along with emotional support. Believe me that’s my dream as well.

However, the definition of beautiful is a relative thing and differs for everyone. Also, you should not take beauty to be the only criterion for marriage. Outer or physical beauty fades with time .

Not everyone’s wishes are fulfilled as all depends on our past life karmas, the results of which are visible in our current life birth chart.

Anyways Let us come back to the question.
Venus and Moon, these two planets are considered a symbol of beauty and grace .
If Venus or Moon is placed in the lagna or 7th house , One begets a beautiful spouse .
If Venus or Moon are aspecting the 7th lord, one will get a beautiful spouse
Exalted planet in 7th house being aspected by a natural benefic planet can also give you a good looking spouse.
If 7th lord is placed in the Nakshatra of Venus , moon or Jupiter. This combination also signifies a graceful spouse.
If 7th lord is placed with Venus or moon in kendra trikona or 2nd or 11th house , one begets a beautiful spouse

In d9 chart , if 7th house or 7th lord has any relation with moon or venus , spouse will be beautiful.
These are the combinations showing that you can get a beautiful spouse.

I hope you have got your answer. Thanks.

7th house is important for marriage. If Venus or Moon is in your 7th house, there’s a high chance you will get beautiful wife. However , definition of beauty depends from person to person. Thank you.

Yes when your 7th lord is Jupiter/Venus/Moon.
When the 7th lord is in 7th house.
Venus and Moon gives beautiful wife but not sure about good character or the morals.
Jupiter can give beautiful wife along with with good character.
It is a blessing from god when Jupiter becomes 7th lord and stays in his own house.