Can people with same nadi marry? Are there any couples who had nadi dosh and had normal kids?

Hi there, I heard about something called “Nadi dosh” in kundli while me and my fiance were matching our charts. Wondering if anyone knows about couples with this issue who still got married and had normal, healthy kids. Is it a major issue with children?

If you think that it can affect your marriage then, it will but if you think it won’t affect and you let go of the fear and don’t put much mind into the outcomes of your life anticipating what is there in your future, then everything will be fine.
Life is always dicey and troublesome but you can’t put it on your birth chart or any religious group or god.
Everything is in your control. You just need to let go of your fears and start taking ownership of your actions. See the facts and let them settle in you.
Taking an informed decision should be the step forward.
If this is still the thought than you can’t do much. There’s high chance your marriage will fall apart no matter what the reason.

There are a number of misunderstandings and false beliefs about Vedic Astrology.

An uninformed astrologer told a wrong concept and loads of people believe it. They will tell it to dozen more and it will be common belief that everyone will think is true in no time.

You’ll find a great deal of fake and false theories on internet about Nadi Dosha, Mangal Dosha, Kaal Sarpa Dosh and etc. As a result, many people around me believe that Sade Sati is also a Dosha. Is it?

In my experience, I have seen Astrologers ignoring the positive aspects of individual’s birth chart during match matching. They only rely on giving importance to Doshas like Varan, Nadi, Bhakoot, Manglik & etc.

As per reports and my studies, there is only a single pattern when Nadi Dosha can be formed and more than ten ways which can nullify it.

The truth is that, if there is any pleasure of children in both’s horoscope, then Nadi or other Dosha can’t oppose that, it has to happen according to the astrology books.

And If there is already a mention of significantly low degree of child pleasure in both’s horoscope then Nadi Dosha will compound the results of it.
These are my views.

Believe me when I say it, if all the couples who have nadi dasha in their birth charts had abnormal children, or any issues with their children which is common to every couple, I would have written a research paper on it.
Presenting that research paper will prove that astrology is true and nobody will question its relevance.
But it’s just not there.
Ofcourse because, there are a number of elements which determine compatibility on multiple levels. Just having nadi dosha in the birth chart isn’t a proof of anything.

My own parents, and mind, they are both reputed astrologers. They have Nadi dosha and have only 13.5/36 gun matching. They have lived a pretty decent and prosperous life and even me, I can give this assurance that I’m a perfectly running, in working order and just another human being with identical features as eyes, ears, nose, limbs, hairs etc. And same is the case with my sister.

Matching birth charts is very personalized while Nadi dosha and gun matching are generalized and mechanical processes.
Nadi dosha in itself isn’t a big game changer unless there are other presumes complications present in the birth chart.

Yes, we are a couple with nadi dosha, and we are absolutely normal. Me and my husband both have a madhya Nadi. We are now married for 10 long years and we do have 2 kids.
If you talk about birth chart gun matching, our score was 28 out of 36. and the rest 8 gun were cancelled out because of Nadi dosh.
We haven’t faced any major issues in our marriage. Though, fights are there in every relationship. It’s just that we get angry simultaneously or have a same reaction in the given time.