Can Hanuman Chalisa nullify the bad effects of Shani Mahadasha?

Many people suggest reading Hanuman Chalisa for good. Will it help me nullify the shani mahadasha effects?

Okay, so this is what I believe and do. Before starting with hanuman chalisa, it’s important to chant rama raksha strotam once. This is the common knowledge that Hanuman is a pure devotee of Lord Rama and if you chant for Lord Rama, it will make Hanuman ji happy. You should chant Rama Raksha Strotam twice before and after chanting Hanuman Chalisa.
Earlier I used to recite Hanuman Chalisa only, but when I started chanting rama raksha strotam, it’s a different level of feel and satisfaction that I get.
It felt as if I had a mental connection with the god when I pray.

it’s my belief and experience that when once chants Hanuman Chalisa with full devotion and by completely surrendering themselves, then god himself will take care of us.
If, for once, we recite Hanuman chalisa properly, then it is equal to chanting it 108 times.

Yes, indeed and absolutely. The Hanuman Chalisa will improve your luck greatly in the near times and your fate in the longer term.
You don’t have to worry about going to a temple. And it doesn’t matter even if you are travelling in a bus or a train. You can recite the Hanuman Chalisa during your journey. Pavan Putra Hanuman will shower his blessings on everyone who recites Hanuman Chalisa with bhakti.

There are a few stories in regards to this.
It, first and foremost, is said that Ravan crushed all planets, including Shani dev, and held them as hostage to control his fortune and future. Ravan made his child Meghnad practically powerful by setting the planets as indicated by his decision at the hour of birth of Meghnad. Be that as it may, Shani didn’t submit to Ravan’s structure and had a spot with his own will. This way Meghnad couldn’t become eternal. Because of this Ravan was exceptionally irate on Shani, and made his life extremely agonizing in jail. However, when Hanuman went to Lanka, he set that multitude of planets free. So Shani favored Hanuman that his vakra dristi can not influence Hanuman, or any of his aficionado.
One more story says once Shani dev went to Hanuman to tell that Hanuman’s sade sati dasha (seven and half long stretches of difficult time brought about by Shani dev) was going to start soon. However, Hanuman was pondering then, sitting on a mountain. So he didn’t answer to Shani dev. So Shani dev became furious and concluded that he would begin Hanuman’s sade sati from that point. According to manage he would remain in Hanuman’s mind for initial two and half years. So Shani dev did so and Hanuman began to feel tingling on his head. So Hanuman set an enormous stone, utilizing his tail on his head to get help. Because of this Shani dev, who was on the head of Hanuman, got supressed under the stone. He requested that Hanuman put the stone down as that was causing a lot of aggravation to him. However, Hanuman kept one more immense stone on the principal stone. Out of agony Shani dev mentioned Hanuman to leave him, and guaranteed he could at no point ever pester Hanuman in the future. However, Hanuman put one more stone on his head. Then, at that point, Shani dev argued Hanuman to pardon him, and guaranteed that his vakra dristi could inflict damage neither to Hanuman nor to any enthusiast of Hanuman. Then Hanuman delivered him by keeping those stones to the side.
So it is accepted that Shani dev could not influence an enthusiast of Hanuman or who at any point serenade Hanuman Chalisa. Legitimately talking on the off chance that somebody has honest existence, he will confront less troubles throughout everyday life or he will have more boldness to outperform the hardships throughout everyday life.

People with faith in Hanuman experience wonderful effects.
Sometimes the pain is also felt as pleasure.
Lord Hanuman is the living deity. His divine presence is noticed in both Ramayan and Mahabharath. His blessings have the potential of diluting the harsh entity’s Mahadasa effects.
As Saturn is a Karmic entity, it means saturn is the planet which will give you the results of your karma, so there is no escape from Law of Karma.