Are these predictions of love and arrange marriage true based on my birth chart?

According to my chart can i find out if i will have a arranged marriage or a love marriage?

Ascendant lord and 7th lord
5th lord and 7th lor
5th lord and 9th lord
7th lord and 9th lord
Venus and 7th lord( for male)
Venus and 9th lord (for male)
Jupiter and 7th lord (for female)
Jupiter and 9th lord (for female)
The possibility of Love marriages depends upon the strength of the combination of above mentioned planets. If they are benefic, you will get more pushed towards love marriage. If both of these planets are placed in the 5th house of your birth chart then chances of your love marriage increase to 90% which is a sureshot for love marriage.
You can experience deep true love if any of the lord of the above combination is mars.
Again, if Lord Saturn is a positive to your birth chart and present in the ascendant or aspects it, chances of love marriage gets reduced because Saturn has a tendency of a bond (arrange marriage).
If none of the above combination is present in your chart, then arrange marriage is probable.
Hope this helps.

I have been a very curious kid and I always wanted to know if I’ll have a love or an arrange marriage. So, I went to get my astrological analysis and told my birth details to an experienced astrologer. He checked my venus, mars, and moon placements as said that there’s high chance of me having an arrange marriage.

You can also know your prediction by checking these planetary placements or talking to an experienced astrologer.

Any astrologer can predict any marriage whether love or marriage. Even you can also predict these things if you study astrology and planetary alignments properly. But the chances of their prediction,( based on your date of birth and horoscope), being correct are only 50%.
I think the chances of your prediction being correct may be more than 50 percent.