Are these predictions of love and arrange marriage true based on my birth chart?

According to my chart can i find out if i will have a arranged marriage or a love marriage?

Combination of :
Ascendant lord and 7th lord
5th lord and 7th lor
5th lord and 9th lord
7th lord and 9th lord
Venus and 7th lord( for male)
Venus and 9th lord (for male)
Jupiter and 7th lord (for female)
Jupiter and 9th lord (for female)
The happening of Love marriage depends upon the strength of the combination planets. If they are benefic, more you get pushed towards love marriage. If both the planets are placed in the 5th house then your chances increase to 90% which is a sureshot for love marriage. If any of the lord of the above said is mars, then deep love is seen. But you need to understand that in astrology, mars means gf and bf for males and females chart.
Again, if Lord Saturn is a benefic to your chart and placed in ascendant or aspects the same, love marriage chances gets reduced cause Saturn believes in a bond (arrange marriage).
If none of the combination applies to you, then arrange marriage may be seen.
Hope this helps.

In my life, I’ve always been curious about whether I’ll have a love or arranged marriage. Growing up, I often wondered how the stars might influence this important part of my life. As I became an adult, I decided to turn to astrology for answers.
During my chat with an astrologer, I spilled the details of my birth chart, eager to uncover the secrets of my future love life. The astrologer, like a cosmic guide, looked at where Venus, Mars, and the Moon were hanging out—these planets that supposedly shape my love story.
The astrologer shared a story written in the stars, talking a lot about Venus and Mars in my chart. It was like these planets were characters in a cosmic play, suggesting a love-filled marriage with passion and romance. It felt like my own romantic journey was mirrored in the dance of these planets.
As the astrologer explained how planets align, memories of a particular time in my life popped up. It was when love unexpectedly bloomed, aligning perfectly with the cosmic cues the astrologer was decoding. It felt like the universe had written that chapter of my life using the ink of the stars.
The astrologer also mentioned family and the 7th house, weaving a story that echoed the complexities of modern relationships. The story unfolded, showing how the cosmos might play a part in both arranged and love marriages, leaving me at a crossroads where destiny and my choices meet.
In the end, the astrologer painted a picture of possibilities—both love and arranged marriages coexisting in the vast canvas of my future. The cosmic storyteller left me with a newfound appreciation for the planet dance, guiding me toward a future where the stars share secrets of love and union. The consultation acted like a starry guide, helping me navigate the twists and turns of my love life.

Any astrologer can predict it but the chances of his prediction,( based on your date of birth and horoscope), being correct are 50%.
Even I can predict if you tell me your family and educational background, the nature of your job, the type of friends you have and the environment around you.
I think the chances of my prediction being correct may be more than 50 percent.