7th lord in 8th house leads to arranged marriage?

My astrologer said that I will have an arranged marriage since I have 7th lord in 8th house. Is it real?

having 7th lord in 8th house generally means arranged marriage. The spouse can be a working one even if they are not working at the time of marriage. Spouse can be family oriented, but leaning more into their own family.

7th lord in 8th house also signals that you might get inheritance from spouse or your in-laws after marriage. 8th house lord belongs to lifespan and 7th represents maraka house. This means that some sudden events will keep your life on toes and might mean a shorter lifespan

This placement of seventh house lord in eighth house gives you a private married life. Your spouse will go through the difficulties of your life with you. The spouse could be in a money profession handling people’s money, might have to deal with secrets and can have an unscheduled work life.

7th house lord in 8th house indicates a significant life reshaping. It shows that spouse will be of practical, analytical, and a secretive nature. Men with this placement want a supportive partner who will be there with them in their ups and downs

eighth house in female’s birth chart is a house which depicts happiness after marriage . Good placements will bring happiness while bad ones can bring troubles. This can mean miscommunication between the married couple.