7th lord in 3rd house for work

I recently got to know that having 7th lord in the 3rd house is good from finances perspective. How is that?

the 7th lord signifies marriage, partnerships, and other significant relationships in the birth chart. It’s presence in 3rd house of navamsha chart is attributed with skills, communications, and small journeys.

7th lord in 3rd house can be seen as the energies of two business oriented houses are being exchanged. This also depicts spouse to be bringing a lot of business ideas. This makes communication a very important factor in the relationship. Lack of communication can bring out the stress.

7th lord is changing 9 places/sthanas to be in the third house. Due to this, it makes the person with 7th lord in 3rd house travel for work. This also means that your profession will be more based on the communication with your partners, and people in general.

This means that it will greatly impact your values after the marriage. Your spouse, your wife will be a key to bringing out the best version of you.

Communication is the most important thing when your 7th lord is in 3rd house. And due to this, the long distance relationships always becomes difficult for the natives.