7th lord in 2nd house good for marriage?

What is all the information I can get about marriage if I have 7th lord in 2nd house?

7th house is generally your spouse, wife, husband, marriage, relationships, etc. Having 7th lord in 2nd house implies that your spouse can have a great impact on your finances. Your married life can change your life considerably.

The second house is 8 places away from the seventh. It depicts your life partner’s life span. If they are placed incorrectly, the life partner might die. This can also result in divorce or separation from the spouse.

Answer :
-your spouse would be a foodie.
-your relatives will help you in finding your life partner.

  • Your spouse can be greatly connected with your family, sometimes even more than the connection between you and the spouse.
    -Your spouse can be a big advocate of accumulating and saving money,

It’s simple, 7th house represents your spouse, while 2nd house is money. Having lord of 7th house in 2nd house can mean that you can have significant gains due to your marriage. Your wife could be a working lady and will help you in managing your finances.

7th lord in 2nd house is a fortunate thing. Your wealth can grow exponentially when both your 7th house lord and 2nd house are aligned correctly. People with this placement are more into becoming a businessman