7th lord in 11th house means financial gains from my marriage?

Is it true that a person with 7th house lord in their 11th house will gain a lot from their marriage and spouse?

Having 7th lord in 11th house could mean that you can meet your spouse at an office party, a social gathering, or some sorts of public events. Since 7th lord is sitting at a distance of 5 places, it can mean that you will have a fun marriage, you will both make money, and enjoy life together.

7th house is the house of marriage. this means that more than one marriage can also be possible. it can mean that the person might be flirting in nature, or have multiple relationships. 11th house is house of gains and presence of 7th lord in 11th house indicates gains from marriage.

7th house and 11th house, both are the houses of desire. This generally means that spouse will bring money and will help you with your career. The spouse can be working in a big corporation and can bring great professional network.

When we have 7th lord in 11th house, it means fulfilment of desires. But in many cases, astrologers suggest not marrying until the age of 30 years. You are very sensual and desire someone who will bring big profits and wealth in your life.

When the 7th house lord (representing relationships) sits in the 11th house (the house of desires and gains), it suggests that relationships are deeply tied to fulfilling personal desires. If the 7th house is ruled by a malefic planet like the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu, and it ends up in the 11th house, it’s generally a good idea to wait until your 30s to get married. Even if you marry earlier, you might not feel truly fulfilled in the relationship until after you turn 30, and it could seem more like a burden or duty until then.
This placement often means you’re looking for a partner who can help boost your earnings and bring financial stability. You might want someone who is financially independent and can expand your social network. In essence, your relationship goals are closely tied to achieving desires and financial security. Nowadays, this often translates to having a spouse who works in a large organization.