6th lord in 7th house spouse marriage

How will be my life and marriage with my partner when I have 6th lord in 7th house? Is there anything I should be careful about

7th house represents marriage, partnerships, dealings, and business. Whereas 6th house represents disagreements, big conflicts, and disputes. When you have 6th lord in 7th house, it can lead the native to have disputes in the area of their marriage, business partnerships or any team activities.

It’s always good to tell about all the placements in the chart for more accurate readings. In general, when you have 6th lord in 7th house, it can mean native to have a marriage or a relationship from their work. Such moon placements can give close, healthy, and very well knit relations with their partner/spouse.

6th lord in 7th house isn’t considered a very auspicious tine. Naitves might have to be extra careful while dealing with matters of contract, law, dealings, etc. They may also fail to manage time in their relationships and can lead to conflict with their partners. There’s high probability of facing health issues in marriage.

6th house lord is of a maternal uncle and the seventh house is of your wife. It can mean that your wife/spouse can be from your maternal uncle family’s side. 7th house is also of foreign lands, so it can mean that your maternal uncle might live far far away from you. They can be very rich and wealthy.