6th lord in 1st house is bad?

Is it bad to have 6th lord in 1st house?

6th house is conflicts, day to day activities, your routine, diseases, services, etc. So when you have your 6th lord in the 1st house, the native is probable to go through 6th house-related changes throughout life. The native can be a great mediator, a social worker, a politician or someone with influence.

Your 6th house represents difficulties, diseases, debts, disputes, enemies, colleagues at work place, etc. So, when you find your 6th house lord in 1st house, it means that you are on this earth to serve the humanity. You might have a profession like doctor or a lawyer. And you can benefit from your maternal uncle.

In general, 6th house is the house of disease, on the other hand 1st house is the health. It can mean that native has to go through certain diseases in his life time. If 6th lord in 1st house, and 1st house is weak, native will probably have a peromanent or long term disease. You can have skin related issues.

1st house is lagna, while 6th house is dussthan. Presence of 6th lord in 1st house isn’t considered auspicious for the native. This can lead to many issues and obstacles in the native’s life. It can also lead to weak physique and weak health leading to weak immunity, Can suffer from legal matters