2nd lord in 9th house is dhan yoga(financially rich)?

Is it true that 2nd lord in 9th house makes a dhan yoga and I will have good wealth in my life?

The native will become generous, affluent, and dependable thanks to the benevolent lord of the second house. However, an unfavourable planet renders him impoverished and a hypocrite. The native’s brother will also become impoverished due to an unlucky lord. The native with 2nd lord in his 9th house will have amassed wealth via legitimate ways. He might make money through transactions with foreigners or from international trade. Their relationships with their younger siblings will be positive. Their ability to give sound guidance and intellect will help their children rise to high places. They may also work as government secretaries or ministers.

2nd lord in 9th house forms a dhan yog, which means native can attract a lot of riches in their life. 2nd house stands for family, the voice, your assets, the food intake in your life, etc. This placement generally makes the person righteous and the native will avoid doing anything wrong for any matter.