2nd lord in 8th house gambling career

I have learnt that having 2nd lord in 8th house leads to bad career and bad name to the native. Is it right?

8th house belongs to occult, secrecy, something with death and re-birth. 2nd house represents wealth, family, values, face, throat, etc. Now, when you have 2nd lord in 8th house, this inclination means that native’s wealth and money can come from inheritance, by serving other people selflessly, or occult, etc.

Since lord of the 2nd house is 7 steps away from its own house, native can be inclined towards materialism, and pleasures. Generally 2nd lord in 8th house is not considered good. It can result in sudden gain and loss of wealth. It can also mean that native can be a gambler professionally in future.

The thing is that lord of 2nd house shows wealth. On the other hand, 8th house shows the loss of material things, so, by this logic, this placement is generally not considered good. Good positions and benefic aspects of both the houses will mean better relationship with money, otherwise it might lead to significant losses.

2nd lord in 8th house means that you want to make your money off other people’s money. These can be in insurance sectors, doing brokerage in share markets, or real estate. Your personal values can impact your relationship with your in-laws. You are interested in making quick money, and might invest in get-rich-quick schemes.