2nd lord in 7th house spouse and money

Will I get financial benefit from my spouse? Is there any assets or financial aid expected from my marriage when I have 2nd lord in 7th house?

The local may enhance his wealth after marriage or get money through marriage when the lord of the second house conjuncts the lord of the seventh house in the second house. Native’s business partner might give him money. The wife or husband may pass away or decide to separate if this combo is present. It could develop into the most powerful marak.
Since the 7th house is sixth from the 2nd house and the 2nd house is linked to issues with the eyes, mouths, and teeth, issues with the eyes, mouths, or teeth. Issues could arise if the 2nd house lord is not placed correctly in the 7th house.

In general, it means that a person’s riches and money will come from their business dealings with other people or from their spouse, marriage, and connections.
Now, depending on factors like aspects, other planets’ conjunctions, or the planet’s retrograde or combust state, the outcomes could alter. Furthermore, since the 2nd house lord is in the 7th house, we also need to assess the strength of the seventh house lord. Thus, it is once more crucial to read the overall chart.