2nd lord in 6th house? Destined to serve the public?

Is it so common for 2nd lord in 6th house to have their careers and make money in medical or a lawyer line? What other fields will bring success?

The planet that rules the second house will determine the results of the 2nd lord in 6th house.
If the moon is in the second house, for example, you will experience enmity towards your mother during that planet’s mature age.
We choose a maturity age of 23–24 for Moon. Therefore, at the age of 23, there must be a disagreement with your mother or you don’t like a tiny error that she made. There may also be a difference of opinion, but you will store it in your subconscious.

It is possible for someone to silence their opponents when the 2nd lord is placed in 6th house. Although they will need to put in a lot of effort and overcome challenges, he can amass fortune and own land. He’s going to be very rich. Their ability to raise loans will never be a problem.
Through trades, the person will always make money. It is tournaments that will help them. Uncle of the Native mother will advance. The aboriginal people can be cut off from their relatives. Black marketing or other questionable means could be how the native makes his money. To their personal advantage, they can sow discord among their friends and family. He might get into major legal problems as a result of his actions. Maybe his dad works for the government.

In general, it means that disagreements, illnesses, and conflicts will bring about a person’s wealth and resources. Thus, on the surface, it suggests a career in law or medicine, but the sixth house is also associated with service and helping the underprivileged, thus it also suggests a career in office work or as a social activist helping others. As the planets shift, so do roles.
Now, depending on factors like aspects, other planets’ conjunctions, or the planet’s retrograde or combust state, the outcomes could alter. Furthermore, since the 2nd house lord is in 6th house, we also need to assess the strength of the sixth house lord. Thus, it is once more crucial to read the overall chart.

If the 2nd lord is in 6th house, you could work as a lawyer, doctor, or mediator since disagreements, illness, or conflicts will bring in money for you. It’s possible that you have an inclination to amass large amounts of wealth. You too can have a desire to make others wealthy.
You might work as a doctor, be an activist in the community, or just enjoy helping the less fortunate members of society. Markesh, the second house lord, is in the dussthan [bad] house, which could lead to unfavourable outcomes.