2nd lord in 2nd house is good? Can this make you rich?

What to expect when I have my 2nd house lord in 2nd house itself? Is it really good? Can this placement make me rich?

When your 2nd lord is malefic, then you can be a calculative smart person. You can be a bit aggressive in your speech and finance might get better in the later half of your life. You can be a daring, active personality. When 2nd lord in 2nd house is benefic, your family assets will be on a rise. It’s showing that you will have a clear good speech and good eating habits

2nd lord in 2nd house is a good position which shows that the native will gain and accumulate good wealth. The native tends to have an attractive personality and will be good in speech and communication. Your focus will be on your family and wealth creation in life.

It’s generally auspicious when the lord of the house is sitting in its own house. The person with 2nd lord in 2nd house will be rich both health and wealth wise. The native will have good eating habits and will savour delicous food throughout life. He will be a good speaker and will gain significant wealth from the family.

This is a fact that any planet which is sitting in its own house is actually the strongest. Why? Because everyone feels safe and stronger at their own home. 2nd lord in 2nd house generally means that the person becomes the guard of their own family and wealth. They believe that their family is the real wealth that they have and will protect it any cost.