2nd lord in 10th house good?

Is it good to have 2nd lord in 10th house? What are the specific areas that will be good?

The native with 2nd lord in 10th house will be respected, be given a prestigious position, and get benefits from the government. In this case, the native’s parents are taken care of in their old age by the house owner or someone else in the good class. In this case, the powerful lord of the second house brings wealth to the native; nevertheless, if the ruler of the second house is an unlucky planet, the native may have dubious ways of obtaining money or accept bribes. Because of the second house’s lord’s position, the lord of the tenth house, if counted from the fifth house, may be related to the sixth house, if numbered similarly.

2nd lord in 10th house is considered to be an auspicious planetary placement. 10th house tells you about your father, fame and name, honour, justice,and your leadership qualities too. 2nd house is more on your wealth side, fixed assets, speech and facial features. In this placement, native will get much needed support and cooperation from their partner. This can be your spouse, business partner, or even a friend