1st lord in 7th house spouse and marriage

I have my ascendant in the house of marriage. What will be spouse like? Will I have a love marriage or arranged marriage if I have 1st lord in 7th house ?

Your 1st house being lagna/ascendant, and its lord being lagnesh, it’s quite possible that native might marry within their close friends/family circle. This can also mean trouble for married couple due to ego issues between wife and husband. It could lead to native being controlled by wife’s parents.

According to Vedic Astrology text, 1st lord in 7th house signifies that a person might be bachelor throughout his life. This is majorly because the lord of self (i.e. first house) is sitting in the seventh house which represents spouse and marriage. This leads to the native thinking that no one is good enough for them.

Many associate 7th house with travel, so it can mean that native would be travelling a lot. Having 1st lord in 7th house means that native’s focus would only be around relationships, marriage, and business partnerships. Their lagna presence in 7th house leads to them treating their relationships as very important and they can do anything for their partners

1st house is YOU, your life path, personality and 7th house is your spouse, marriage, partnerships. Generally, we can say that these people focus on resolving matters related to relationships, spouse, contracts, etc. They find true meaning of life through their spouse and they can’t stay without a relation.