1st lord in 1st house life and future

What to expect in one’s life if I have 1st lord in my 1st house of birth chart?

People who have 1st house lord in 1st house generally means that a person’s focus is on himself throughout their life. They are concerned about their looks, their health, how their career is growing, and everything about themselves. Even if they get sick, their body will heal themselves

1st lord in 1st house gives you a positive attitude, shapes your personality, and in general your life trajectory. Individuals with 1st lord in their 1st house have high levels of self-confidence as well as self-awareness in matters of life.

When the lord of the 1st house or the lagna lord occupies the first house, it gives native strong willpower, independence and leadership qualities. Health generally seems to be on the better side of these people. The person is an example of strength and self-confidence

1st house is lagna and is lord is lagnesh. Lagan is pran and its lord is lagnesh. When you have 1st lord in the 1st house, it gives strength to native’s pran. This can mean a longer lifespan. Native will have a higher self-confidence, Native won’t get much influenced by others.