1st lord in 10th house means business success

How common is it to get success in business and in other areas of life since your 1st lord is in 10th house. My perception is that 10th house takes care of wealth, business, fame, etc, and presence of ascendant/1st lord in 10th house should bring good success?

Lagna lord, i.e., the lord of the 1st house sitting in the 10th house means that the native can be naturally successful, positive, and rise to greater heights in life. It also leads to you enjoying your good deeds you did in your past life. This also leads your father to have benefitted in a good manner after your birth.

Having 1st lord in 10th house means that you can be very involved in your family’s traditional wealth and business. This can also mean that the native might be the only male child of their father. You will have a good name in the business and will surely accumulate good self-earned money and materialistic items.

Generally, when one has their 1st lord in 10th house, their focus throughout life will be on matters like career, father, and their worldly duties. Their life majorly revolves around their work, the fame, their father and they will work hard to achieve their goals. Almost as if any other thing doesn’t exist in their life.

10th house represents your duites. responsibilities, and your day to day life. With the presence of 1st lord in 10th house, you rarely seek or ask for help. You are self-dependent and like to do things themselves. You are the right example of a self-made self-established man without much help from anyone else.