11th lord in 2nd house gives you money

Is it true that having 11th lord in 2nd house brings in money and makes people rich?

2nd house belongs to your face and speech. Then, 11th house is your profit house. Presence of 11th lord in 2nd house can lead to native having charming features and voice. They will be able to fulfill their desires through their personality and will naturally have a good social circle. Native can be a good relationship manager as well.

11th lord in 2nd house means that the planet which controls the 11th house is currently sitting in the 2nd house of your birth chart. This forms one of the Dhan Yogas as both the money oriented houses are connected with each other. This has multiple meanings. Native would be good in saving money. It’s highly likely to come from a family business and have good amount of earnings.

11th house represents friends, your elder siblings and your social circle. On the other hand, 2nd house is your income, your family, and your resources. 11th house lord in 2nd house should give you monetary gains from your family, your social circle.

The placement 11th house lord in 2nd house is very beneficial in terms of materialistic prosperity, luxury in life and overall good will of the native. Presence of 11th house is the best placement in 2nd house after its own house since 2nd house also depicts wealth and assets. Family life will be influenced by 11th house.