11th lord in 1st house makes you rich

Having 11th lord in 1st house makes you rich and wealthy?

11th house is known as lord of profit. So, when 11th lord goes to 1st house( the house which represents you) this means native is going to be real wealthy. You can be very skilled communicator, good at your words, you can be poet as well, and attract profits

1st represents you, your health, your confidence, morale, looks, fame, and thought process. 11th house is the most powerful house in birth chart. When you have 11th house lord in 1st house, you can benefit from your business partnerships and can enjoy a good company of friends for life.

11th lord in 1st house is one of dhan yoga. Why? Because 11th house which defines wealth, income and earnings is sitting in the 1st house. This can mean that native can be born in a rich family, and will have a great social circle of businessmen. You can be interested in business and can gain well from it.

The 11th house is famous as the house of gains. And your ascendant/lagna being in the the 11th house is very auspicious. This also represents elders, social circle and native’s leveraging its relationships. Native can be very influenced by their family business and can continue it further.