Which planet and house is responsible for relationships

I have been unlucky in my past relationships and wanted to know if there’s anything in my birth chart that could tell why is it so? Are there any specific planets and houses for the love aspect of life

The planet which is responsible for love life is Venus since it’s 7th Lord of Kal pursha.
But depends on other ascendants, others planets will also take role to give love.
5th and 7th Lords connection.
5th, 7th and 11th lords connection.
Mars and Venus connection irrespective of any ascendants.
Jupiter and Mercury connection irrespective of any ascendants - will have love life.
Venus and Moon connection attraction towards opposite genders. If Rahu is there then it will be further increased.
These are all based on my learning.

Several of them do. Venus affects your ideal partner in a love relationship. The Moon tells us about your emotional makeup, a big factor in how you conduct relationships, and how you react and compromise or work with others. Saturn shows if you have a strong sense of responsibility towards the people you care about. Mars shows how much or how far you would be willing to act to help someone special to you. It’s a matter of putting it all together in a natal birth chart. (edited)

In astrology, the planet commonly associated with love and relationships is Venus. Venus is known as the planet of love, beauty, harmony, and affection. It represents the qualities of attraction, romance, sensuality, and emotional connections.
Venus governs not only romantic love but also the way individuals express love in various relationships, including friendships and family connections. It symbolizes the way we give and receive love, our desires for partnership and harmony, and our aesthetic preferences.
The position of Venus in an individual’s birth chart can provide insights into their approach to relationships, their values in love, and their preferred expressions of affection. It influences one’s style of relating, choices in partners, and the qualities they seek in a romantic connection.
Additionally, Venus plays a role in determining one’s sense of beauty, artistic inclinations, and appreciation for art, music, and aesthetics. It governs our tastes and preferences in matters of beauty and can inspire a sense of creativity and refinement.
It is important that while Venus is often associated with love, relationships are influenced by a combination of factors in an individual’s birth chart, including other planets, aspects, and house placements. Each person’s unique birth chart provides a more comprehensive understanding of their love life and relationship dynamics.

For love you may examine 5th house. Characteristics of love will be decided the planet connected with 5th house, 7th house and 11th house.
Like Venus may give extreme romance, Jupiter a mature/responsible romance, Saturn secret romance with some lower status person, Sun may give royal romance, Moon will give quick satisfaction, Mars will give a forced or crude or forced love, and Mercury may give double romance or repeat happenings. Rahu/ketu may give same sex romance or romance with strangers.
Seventh house may be seen for marriage. Fifth connected with 7th gives love marriage.
Negative to 7th is 6th house. Sixth in operation may give separation. Seventh having strong linkages with sixth may give permanent separation. Jupiter involvement may give legal proceedings for divorce.