Should a UPSC aspirant believe in astrology? Can astrology help me in getting a government job

What is the horoscope for getting a government job?

The 10th house signifies achievement and recognition, crucial for success in government jobs. A strong 10th house and 10th Lord are essential, especially if the Sun is in the 10th house, ensuring a government job. A weak 10th house indicates lower chances.
The 6th house is vital for job success, especially in competitive exams. Additionally, the 11th house, representing success, and the 5th and 9th houses, with the Moon and Sun, impact government job predictions.
Individuals with strong Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius signs in their charts have better government job prospects, given their leadership qualities.
Planetary details like the Sun and Moon’s connection with specific houses, a strong Lagna lord, and beneficial conjunctions influence the likelihood of a government job.
To predict IAS or IPS service, specific astrological factors such as Ashtak Varga values, Sun’s position, and Dasamsha chart strength are considered.
For railway jobs, Saturn, Mars, and Moon play key roles, while Jupiter and Mercury are crucial for positions in the Department of Audit and Revenue service.
Tips for increasing government job chances include filling out forms during the Hora of the Sun, monitoring Jupiter’s transit, and assessing the Mahadasha and Antardasha periods.
Timing for government job acquisition depends on favorable Dasha periods, considering the Sun, Moon, and Mars Dasha. Consulting an experienced astrologer is recommended for accurate predictions.
Astrology guides career choices but doesn’t negate the importance of hard work and merit. It aims to channel efforts in the right direction, ensuring individuals stay on the correct career path.

I assume that the question is about a service job in government.
Sun is the planet for prominence . Government is the most well known entity , like Sun which needs no introduction . Sun has to be powerful in the chart , should connect to 6th , 10th and 11th house and lord for a govt job . However such Sun can also give job in any other well known Multinational , well known company.
Other planets decide the domain of working.
Mercury is about teaching, accounting , communication, auditing , courts and general bureaucracy.
Jupiter is about finance , judiciary and religious, charity and policy research.
Saturn is about public works, labour issues , factory working, railways and lowermost jobs.
Mars is about security forces, police , land revenue , fuel , energy sector , construction, industries, physical activities or sports.
Moon is about doctors , child and mother services .
Venus is about entertainment , textile, jewellery , food , cosmetics, movies etc.
Rahu is about foreign trade , policies, immigration , foreigners , science, technology .
Ketu is about Pharma , garbage disposal , pollution , animal welfare , ecology , nature , disaster management.

sun repsents govrment and mercury repsents job so, sun and mercury combination in 3,6,10 houses
in birth chart maybe chance get goverment job.

My brother, do some efforts and hard work. Don’t rely on such things. Yes, I agree astrology and planets do have influence and that should be respected. But you can’t let go of your dreams, just bcz it’s not according to the planets.

It may come as a shock for many but, when venus or any planet is strong it gives you what ever you want especially venus. Also, there’s a mythological story behind it, that lord shiva granted venus the power to be most influential planet after sun and moon. That it’s period shall be the longest and if strong in ones horoscope venus will all the pleasures.
Remember, when venus mahadasa or antardasha comes a person tend to take things lightly and becomes lazy/relaxed.